Zeph Leggett

Software Engineer
Zeph Leggett hacker
Zeph Leggett hacker

Specialties: Security, Full Stack, Automation

Tech Intermediate Expert
Ruby/Rails X
Elixir/Phoenix X
Java/Spring  X
ReactJS  X
React Native  X

Zeph Leggett is a Senior Software Engineer at VBI, where he is responsible for consulting on product architecture, security audits, and full-stack application development. As a full stack developer, he can design frontend concepts with backend-friendly architecture in mind.


Prior to joining VBI, Zeph worked in big data migration for large organizations. From healthcare to marketing data, he has utilized his problem-solving capabilities to streamline organizations and give them actionable insights. His experience in managing large data sets and architecting the proper solutions is second to none. 

He performed market analysis for non profit companies which increased revenue and new donors by creating highly targeted mailing lists using MSSQL. Zeph gained list brokerage certification and restructured acquisition process allowing direct ordering at a cheaper rate, central management of lists for all clients, and expansive acquisition and donor statistics. He was certified and completed RICOH Advanced Color Management Training and responsible for CMYK profiles, spot colours, hardware, maintenance, and print logistics.

  • Migrated and transformed error-prone client data (delimited, access, proprietary formats) using IBM Monarch Pro,
    MSSQL, awk.
  • Designed data-driven, HTML5 complaint, social media connected email campaigns through MindFire allowing recipient tracking, detailed performance breakdowns, and ’PURLS’.

He was also instrumental in creating beautiful mail packages in Indesign while utilizing FusionPro’s (VDP software) JavaScript integration for per piece customisations, complex layouts, and dynamically generated charts.