Molloy McNellis

Software Engineer
hacker molloy mcnellis
hacker molloy mcnellis

Specialties: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automation

Tech Intermediate Expert
Ruby/Rails X
Elixir/Phoenix X
ReactJS  X
React Native  X
#C / .NET  X

Molloy is a tinker, writer, and web stack developer with a current focus on the frontend—namely UX design and UI implementation, as well as a keen interest in normative ethics. While he excels at architecting solutions to problems, as it is analogous to his passions of worldbuilding and inventing, he also loves diving into existing systems (as in codebases for software tools or the mechanism of action of hardware tools) in order to understand and draw inspiration from how they work, try to find commonalities between those and other existing systems to find niches where those patterns can be applied, and extend or repair the systems when they’re to be used as a tool for a virtuous purpose. He views life as a cooperation rather than a competition, and every sentient being as a teammate working together towards the common goal of flourishing on both an individual and gestalt level.


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