LaDarius Young

Software Engineer
ladarius young
ladarius young

Specialties: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automation

Tech Intermediate Expert
Ruby/Rails X
Elixir/Phoenix X
ReactJS  X
React Native  X
#C / .NET X

LaDarius is a Senior Software Engineer at VBI, where he is responsible for consulting on product architecture, code reviews and full-stack application development. He also serves as a key advisor for Unified, one of VBI’s clients.


Prior to joining VBI, LaDarius worked in IT at AT&T. He has quite a unique story from simple coder to expert engineer. LD wanted to focus on becoming a full-time engineer and move from networking to software development at AT&T. To learn, he took one day off of work every week for months, interning at VBI hoping learn the ropes. He quickly picked up every language and framework thrown at him. After becoming an integral piece in many projects, VBI brought LaDarius full-time where he excels at problem-solving and finding a positive twist on everything. His attitude is a good example of the team culture VBI tries to cultivate.

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