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Open Source Code Blog Intro

What will you find here?

Welcome to the VBI code blog. While most of what we will cover is software-related or induced, we also will be providing stories and situations we have faced that may be of help to other developers or tech folks out there.  Learn trends on new frameworks / technology.  Hear our painful learning experiences. Follow along as we delve into predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms. We wholeheartedly disagree with our friend, Erlich Bachman, when he says, “Don’t touch anything. Failure is contagious.” We feel it’s best to learn from other’s mistakes (in this case ours) and dive into the issues at hand.

Tech Education

Our software engineers are passionate about continuing education, learning, and hacking. As developers, sometimes we get stuck in that 8-5 rut where we become experts in our certain skillsets, yet fail to continue to push for the best way to manage or build projects. That can happen for a variety of reason beyond one’s control (Management doesn’t want to invest in new technologies, etc). We aren’t perfect by any means, but we’re always learning and encouraging each other to push the standards of technology. Our VBI team tends to fall into the category of “check your ego, collaborate, and work smart.”

Why Open Source Code Blog?

Part of giving back to a community in general, means sharing concepts that help others succeed. We don’t care to keep our lessons internal. Let’s work together to make the development community successful. Open-source projects will be released intermittently on the blog to guide developers with existing projects and tools. We hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with us. Thanks so much for checking out our code blog. Leave your feedback in the comments and we’ll be sure to get back with you.

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